The Road To Outdoor Power Survival: It’s Time To Decouple From “Outdoor.”

In developed areas such as Europe and the United States, outdoor power supply as a part of “electricity”, the popularity is relatively high. Europe and the United States have camping, adventure such outdoor activities tradition, to July and August is the peak of the holiday, many people like to drive the RV to travel around, this time outdoor power can become a good power guarantee. And some Americans live in the RV all year round, work and life a pick, outdoor power is also a good power supply.
In the past, the common solutions for outdoor electricity use were generators, lead-acid batteries, and so on. Diesel generators have the advantages of high energy conversion and high thermal efficiency, but the use of loud noise and emission of a lot of exhaust gas, not in line with the development trend of modern energy; Lead-acid battery raw materials are easy to obtain and relatively cheap, but lead-acid batteries are too bulky, easy to cause environmental pollution, and are slowly being eliminated. Although photovoltaic power generation is pollution-free and safe, its efficiency is low and restricted by external conditions. Car batteries are convenient but can’t be used for a long time.

Outdoor power supply generally built-in high energy density lithium-ion battery, long cycle life, light weight to carry, and its overall performance is more stable and reliable, and has the characteristics of easy operation, low noise, good maintenance, etc., can better meet the needs of emergency power supply and outdoor operation electricity.

In addition, outdoor power supply it can reserve electric energy, with multi-function output interface, AC output, USB output, car charger interface output, convenient for users to use in different scenarios, more selective, more convenient to use.

In 2020, camping is on the rise, fueled by vengeful spending. In 2021, IIMedia Consulting released a data, pointing out that the core market size of China’s camping economy reached 74.75 billion yuan, an increase of 62.5%; The market size was 381.23 billion yuan. At the same time, it is predicted that by 2025, the core market size of China’s camping economy will rise to 248.32 billion yuan, and the market size will reach 1440.28 billion yuan.

At first glance, camping is just a simple outdoor activity, even “low-cost”, but in fact a number of industrial chains have been moved. Some bosses, for example, identify well-located suburban sites to build “camping centres”, charge consumers for management and rent out camping essentials. The rapid rise of camping tents, awnings, tables and chairs and other peripheral products has also led to the birth of camping products.

But by 2023, with the cooling of the camping economy, the closely related outdoor power market has also shown a significant cooling phenomenon. Camping, as an acute leisure, is a temporary tourism breakthrough under the epidemic economy. But with the gradual control of the epidemic and the gradual return to normal life, people began to return to city life and other diverse recreational activities.

The retreat of this camping boom has directly affected the outdoor power supply market. During the camping hot period, portable power supplies, solar chargers and other outdoor power equipment are widely popular because they provide convenient power solutions for campers. However, as camping has declined, so has the demand for such products.

Considering that the outdoor power supply is always an imported product for domestic users, the development of outdoor power supply application scenarios for domestic users is not as rich as overseas users, so referring to the use of overseas users, domestic users can also explore more new uses of outdoor power supplies.

For example, Zhenghao, the outdoor power supply head brand with a large market coverage, has developed a series of expanded outdoor appliances around outdoor power supply products outside the basic power supply products, such as cold and warm outdoor mobile air conditioners and two-zone mobile refrigerators. Diversified expansion products also allow Zhenghao mobile power to give a more “general” use scenario, such as when fishing can also blow on the air conditioning.

In addition, large-capacity, high-power outdoor power products can also be used as emergency power supplies. For example, the office park where Xiao Lei is located had a power outage in the market a few years ago, and the outdoor power supply can be used as a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) in addition to outdoor use. Some time ago, when he and his colleagues took proofs outdoors, Xiao Lei also brought outdoor power supplies for lights, cameras and other equipment. Even in the sharing of some netizens, these outdoor power supplies are also used to power equipment such as chain saws.

But in the final analysis, outdoor power supplies in these application scenarios are not out of the “outdoor” label. If the outdoor power supply wants to expand its own track, it must remove the “outdoor” attribute of the outdoor power supply and reposition the product as “comprehensive energy storage product”.

For example, in areas with suitable lighting, outdoor power supply as an “energy storage product” is very suitable for use with household photovoltaic products. With China’s increased investment in renewable energy, especially solar and wind energy, there is a growing demand for home energy storage systems.

It is foreseeable that the trend of digital brands to enter outdoor batteries will not stop here, and there will be more brands to join this new track in the future, and it is more likely to enter the supply chain with the technology of outdoor power accumulation, so that their “main business” has more opportunities for technological breakthroughs.

Regarding the future outlook of outdoor power supply, we can also predict from a few key trends. First, as technology continues to advance, especially in terms of battery efficiency and energy density, we can expect outdoor power supplies to become lighter and more efficient.

In the long run, the camping economy will always dissipate, but the concept of outdoor power has been carved into the user’s cognition in a short period of two years, at least no longer “niche”. With such a mass base, the future outdoor power supply is bound to become more diversified and subdivided. As technology evolves and consumer needs change, outdoor power products will continue to evolve to meet a wider range of application scenarios.

Although decoupling from the outdoor concept will affect the sales of outdoor power supplies in the short term, in the long run, only when outdoor power supplies can be decoued from the “outdoor” economy, outdoor power supplies are likely to usher in more opportunities and move toward a broader market.

Post time: Jan-30-2024